From: "Boyan Nedkov" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Putting more than one table in the FROM clause means tables are joined,
> then at least following problems could arise:
> - using WHERE clause you can have empty recordset returned and then
> COUNT conflicts with it because there is actually no any data to be
> returned;

There won't be a conflict, COUNT(*) will just return zero. When you use
COUNT(*) there will _always_ be a row returned, either zero or the count.

> - joining two (or more) tables without using aliases to the equally
> named columns in the SELECT/WHERE/COUNT clauses will produce error
> message instead of expecting data;

You don't need an alias and the columns don't have to be equally named, but
yes, you have to "join" them somehow against some column. The original query
had this.

> - COUNT(*) wont work if u have equal table names in the tables;

I have no idea what you mean by that.

---John Holmes...

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