Yes you have to break this up into fields that hold your Firstname,
MI,Lastname.  This has so many advantages, using PHP string function to
query inside fields might be useful somewhere else, I wouldn't recommend it
for use in a large DB.  Divide and conquer!

Espero este consejo te sirva, ese error es muy comun, mucha gente quiere
guardar nombres completos porque simplifican asi la forma que el usuario
llena, bad practice I would say.



"Manuel Ochoa" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I currently manage a MySQL database with about 30000 records. I've given
my users the ability to search the name field by pattern.
> For example, the name field can hold 36 characters and contains first
name, middle initial and last name. example:
> John D Miller Jr.
> Harry B Davis
> Angela De La Cruz
> Users can search for "Miller" or "B Davis" or "a De La"
> Our company is getting ready to purchase a database with 20 million
records. I've been told that this type of reach will take too long and that
I need to parse out the name field into First name, MI, Last name and
suffix. Then allow users to search by first name or last name or both.
> Is this true? Do I need to parse out the name into different fields? Is
there any way to do a pattern search and do it efficiently inside of 1 name

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