Yes, the values echo out the way I expect them. But these are displayed values, not 
dates, I'm pretty sure, and that is why the comparison is failing.
The question began very simply. I will try to make it simpler:
How do I compare a string date from a database to today's date using PHP?
I can do it with my eyes closed in SQL. I don't want to if I can avoid it.

Jason Wong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Saturday 08 November 2003 02:44, Karen Resplendo wrote:
> Apache on NT using MS SQL Srvr 2000
> PHP 4.03pl1
> I return these dates into strings and now I want to compare my database
> date to see if it is later than today's date. Pretty sure my "Expires"
> field is a string:
> Here is the "Expires" field from the SQL:
> Convert(varchar, DATEADD(Year,3,DateCertified),101) AS Expires
> Here is my PHP code trying to compare dates:
> $today = date("m/d/Y");
> If ($today < odbc_result($data,"Expires"))
> {
> echo "

License has expired

> }
> Else
> {
> echo "

License has not expired

> }
> Sure could use a simple solution to a simple problem that has me simply
> confounded.

Why not just do the comparison directly within the query?

And if you want to get the above working, have you tried debugging it?



Are they what you expected them to be?

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