Hello php-db,

  Looked  everywhere to try to find why after compiling PHP 4.3.4
  on Mdk 9.1 like this:

./configure                     \
--prefix=/wwwroot/php           \
--with-apxs2=/wwwroot/bin/apxs  \
--with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql   \
--enable-track-vars             \
--enable-ftp                    \
--enable-sockets                \

i always get this error whenever using mysql_create_db()

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_create_db() in /home/david/html/con.php 
on line 5

$link = mysql_connect ("localhost", "xxxxx", "xxxxx")
        or die ("Imposible Conectar");
print ("Conectado Correctamente!");
        or die ("No pude crear la DB!");

If  already  answer  please  tell  me  where is the answer on the
archives so i can look up an answer.

Thanx PHP Experts!.

Best regards,
 David                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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