I am seeing some errors with a program I wrote and I need to write
everything to a log file that the program is doing.

The following syntax I KNOW is wrong, but not sure they are important to
put here correctly yet.
//script addtocart
$Addcart (info1, info2)

I am seeing random items NOT being added to my shopping cart.  The
reason, I have no clue. I can pull another catgory of items and the
first 20 will do fine, I go back to the first category I have and the
script seems to work correctly but the data is not written to the
shopping cart.  Problem with the shopping cart???  I wouldn't think so.
Problem with the add page, I don't see how.  So where is the error
coming from?  No clue, which is why I want to log everything.  I use 3
different add pages so that each form uses a different way to add.  This
works for me, and seems to work rather well.  But I need to log
everything on the 3 forms to see where the errors are coming from.


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