I have been modifying the quote system I have been writing like mad and
have hit another brick wall of sorts.

I am trying to do a couple of things...
The search is now up and running on just a DESCRIPTION field.  Anything
else at this point is unwieldy.  It works perfectly however I am trying
to add a piece to the puzzle.

What I would LIKE it to do is pass along the keywords back to itself so
that when it is called from within itself it can be on the same search

I have made the code do this:
<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"url\" value=\"$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]\"> <input
type=\"hidden\" name=\"keyword\" value=\"keyword\">

These are inputs to another form, which just passed this back

I guess what I am missing is another way to pass the KEYWORD from the
first form to the next part to make it seen by the script.


I have completely blown the numbers out of proportion, but you can still
play with it to see what I mean.

I can shoot source out if need be, but this is probably just a stupid
mistake on my part.



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-Eddie George. 

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