A VERY, VERY quick list of some resources that may help you out. There are
many more.

Excellent starter's book by Kevin Yank is available here:

When I first started, I used it and had stuff up and running in an hour.

Also, look on Amazon for PHP and MySQL Development by Welling and Thompson;
typically a staple among those new to PHP and MySQL. I own it and used it
frequently when first starting out.

Of course, there are excellent, free resources available at www.php.net and
www.mysql.com that will give you all you need to know to do whatever you
need with PHP and MySQL. I bought books to get me started, but now all I use
are the PHP and MySQL user documentation as they are both excellent

Other helpful pieces of information are the Apache web site (popular, but
not the only choice):

And a GUI for managing a MySQL server:

All of this information and more is available if you search Google or if you
search the archives at php.net. The best way to learn this stuff is to get
the basics on your own then ask a question specific to a problem you might
be experiencing. You'll get much better help that way.

Good luck and hope this helps,

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> Maybe tis a little bit out of topic...
> I want to learn using PHP with MySQL.
> After long time reading, I still have no idea how to build a 
> database on a
> remote computer
> How to create a MySQL database on a remote server on the internet?
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