John --

...and then Dillon, John said...
% Thanks for the three replies and two tickings-off.  It was a spelling
% mistake in my table name.

I hate those :-)  But I'm glad to see you found your answer.

% The reason I tend to top post is that you then don't have to read the
% disclaimer or address details from my company in a reply.  Sometimes in easy

The proper answer isn't to bottom-post, either; that's just as bad.  The
proper answer is to trim away that which is not relevant as you reply in
context.  See this reply as a good example (though it has been argued that
leaving such as "Regards, John" is *still* excessive).

Remember, just because Outhouse ruined email/news netiquette and lawyers
insist on ridiculous disclaimers doesn't mean that you have to give in
and do it wrong.

% situations the question is clear from the reply plus the subject line.

Then trim away everything.

% Regards,
% John


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