I have a form that allows for an item to be entered, the other pieces
have been fixed so far that were bogging me down, but now I am looking
for a way to convert any entry in the form to be UPPER case so that when
the quote is listed, they are alphabetical.  

The problem is if someone enters aa-1234 and the other items in the
quote are FF-2345 and QQ-3456 then the aa-1234 is UNDER them, instead of
on top.

//   Store.php
  The following code allows for the addition of a non-stock item.  All
information is added automatically to the quoter for the salesman.

$display_block .= "<HR>Input a new item: <form method=post
action=\"addspec.php\">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Item ID:<input
type=\"text\" name=\"sel_item_id\"><BR>Description:<input type=\"text\"
name=\"sel_item_desc\"><BR>Quantity: <select name=\"sel_item_qty\">";
$display_block .= "<option value=\"0\">0</option><option value=\"1\"
for ($i=2; $i < 301; $i++){
 $display_block .= "<option value=\"$i\">$i</option>";
$display_block .= "</select><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"SESSID\"
value=\"$PHPSESSID\"></td><td><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"url\"
value=\"$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]\"><BR>Price:<input type=\"text\"
name=\"sel_item_price\" size=\"5\"><input type=\"submit\"
name=\"submit\" value=\"Add to Cart\"></form>";

//  addspec.php
if ($_POST[sel_item_qty] != "0")
 if($_POST[sel_item_id] != "")
   //add info to cart table
   $addtocart = "insert into store_shoppertrack
'$_POST[sel_item_price]','$_POST[sel_item_desc]', now())";
   //redirect to showcart page
 } else {
  //send them somewhere else
} else {
  //print message
  $display_block .= "<P>You must select a Quantity. Please <a
href=\"seestore.php\">continue to shop</a>!</P>";



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