Hi all,

I wanted to run this past you all to get some input on this question.

I have a new client who has hired me to do some work on an application which he has (written in PHP). He is developing this app with the idea that he can eventually resell it.

One of the things about this app is that for each new client that you create using it, it creates a new database in which to store their data.

I am not privy to any information from the original developer as to WHY they did this, so I can only assume that it was done in an effort to protect data in case of a database getting corrupted or something, then at least you have not lost ALL the clients data.

In any case, I thought this could cause problems for potential resell-ability as most if not all hosting services that I am familiar with don't really allow for this (unless I am mistaken).

So... before I get started on this project, I wanted to run this past you all and see what the rest of you think... is there a good reason to develop like this? Should I suggest to begin with - we should change this method so that we only need one database?

Thanks for any advice

- Rogue

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