Sorry, I should have said. Im trying to send this file to an external
multipart form script which converts the file to the desired format. Im
using cURL to do this. cURL can send files when given the filename, so I
have to write the filename from the database and then give cURL the path.
But thats messy

I want to be able to get the BINARY data from mySQL and send it via cURL

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John Ryan wrote:
> How are files encoded when theyre sent in mulitpart forms??? Is it the
> as blob fields in mySQL databased when you use the LOAD_FILE() command??
> If not, is it easy to convert from one to the other?? At the moment, Im
> taking the blob from mySQL and writing it to a file and then uploading
> file through cURL! Very messy.

So what are you actually trying to accomplish? Moving a file from one
server to another???

---John Holmes...

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