In Oracle you have a couple of choices.

(1) If you can ensure that the data stored is in one case you can apply a 
function to the keyed in data
        SELECT item_number FROM item WHERE item_code = lower('M1234');

(2) If you can not ensure data case then you can apply the function to 
both side
        SELECT item_number FROM item WHERE lower(item_code) = 

You can use triggers on your tables to do case conversions then ensure 
case in the table.
In later versions of Oracle you can apply function-based indexes to your 
table to speed up these queries.

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[PHP-DB] Query Case In-sensitive

Is there a way to run a query so that it ignores the case, and the query
is not case sensitive?



The data being stored is "m1234"



Select item number from item where item_code = "M1234" ;


The query above should return the data above.




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