Hi there everyone,

I have a 2 Column CSV file, and i'm trying to import it into the DB via a form, I have 
it importing fine with the first field (Called EMail) but I cannot get it to import 
the second column correctly (Called name).  I know it's going to be something so 
obvious i'll pass out, but does anyone have any ideas?  Here's the code:

$row = 1;
$handle = fopen ("$userfile","r");
while ($data = fgetcsv ($handle, 250, "$delim")) {
    $num = count ($data);
    for ($c=0; $c < $num; $c++) {

mysql_query ("INSERT INTO emaillist (EMail,name) 
              VALUES ('$data[$c]','$data[$c]')

When I import, it puts all data in the EMail field, even the name field.

Any help would be appreciated beyond belief as this is annoying the crapola out of me 


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