this is usually based on what your passing this function.  it can be a
result of a bad query or just a bad variable.  do you have the correct
variable that is holding a result of an ifx_query() call.

if you could post the prior lines of this that would probably make it

also try var_dump($var); where the variable is what you are passing into

it looks like you have passed in an variable  holding (int) 4


                      Adam Williams                                                    
                      <[EMAIL PROTECTED]        To:       [EMAIL PROTECTED]            
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                                               Subject:  [PHP-DB] informix error       
                      11/19/2003 01:01                                                 

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has seen this informix error before.  It has
me stumped.  Searching on google didn't reveal anything.  Running my query
in informix returns the proper results, so I'm not sure what the problem

Warning: ifx_fetch_row(): 4 is not a valid Informix Result resource in
/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/alephpub/rg2a.php on line 86

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