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> I have data in a Db that looks something like:
> 14,[EMAIL PROTECTED],Andrew,Smith
> 1,[EMAIL PROTECTED],Andrew,Smith
> 14,[EMAIL PROTECTED],Barbara,Richardson
> 1,[EMAIL PROTECTED],Barbara,Richardson
> The number represents a product_id that was purchased by the customer in
> question. As you can see from this example.. I have a two customers who
> purchased two different products.
> What I NEED to do is have one entry for each customer but with both
> their product_id in the same result. For example:
> 14,1,[EMAIL PROTECTED],Andrew,Smith
> ANY clue how I could go about getting this to work? I'm very desperate
> and running out of time :-(

Sorry, it's not going to happen and besides, there isn't any reason you
should need to return a row like that. How about you tell us what you're
actually trying to do and someone can help you clean up your method...

---John Holmes...

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