I have a MAJOR problem with PHP mail() function, one
that is odd and very frustrating as I have no idea
what is causing it.  I have used the one script to
send emails out in the past and they have been
sucessfully sent out, but as of a few days ago and now
they are bouncing, some are actually being sent and
some just simply won't go out.  So let me explain.

I have an admin area of my site where I have all users
in a mysql database.  Their email address, names,
address, etc.  The admin side allows me to do many
tasks like send out text-based emails via PHP mail()
function and HTML emails.  What it does is I type in
the field boxes and saves to a mysql table, than I run
a cronjob to grab the email data and email addresses
and send out using PHP mail().  The script worked fine
in the past, no problems but now I get the following
message when I attempt to send emails:

This message was created automatically by mail
delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one
or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following
address(es) failed:

    unrouteable mail domain "cashgrace.com"


But that's not all, it comes up as that for all
domains, like yahoo.com, hotmail.com, bigpond.com
etc... All of them, even though they are reachable via
webmail.  I can go into webmail via CPANEL and send
emails and they actually go to the person, so does not
seem like a mail server problem or does it?  I
beleive, but could be wrong, it is somewhere in the
mail() function on the root part of the server.  But
of course I don't have access to it.

But the weird thing is this... Some emails 1/10 do
actually get sent and delivered, do not bounce, but
the other 9 fail.  Why?  Well I did some more
investigating... Well for what I have access to.

The Server Load for the Server was flashing RED in the
Server Status area.  So I persume this is bad?  Maybe
due to this maybe it's attempting to send emails but
looping and not got enough resources to actually do
the job and in the end gives up and produces the
bounced email?  As I said before I could be way off
track but worth suggesting and trying to figure it

Is there a way to DEBUG my mail() function I call in
the cronjob?

The joy of the CRONJOB is that it's written in PHP
also, so I can view it on a webpage.  So if there is a
way to DEBUG it I should see where the error is?  Or
won't I?

Any suggestions?

I've looked long and hard, emailed my admin and they
are optimistic with the problem also so thought I'd
post here and see what can be done and if we can get
some outside help.

As I said before the script for the mail() has NEVER
been changed.  So it can't be my code as it has worked
in the past.  Must be server side somewhere... Unless
my admin has done an update and something has gone
wrong.  But I thought someone on here would know what
could cause the error, at least we can investigate it
instead of having no idea what is causing the problem.
 All the help is needed here if people can provide it.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long email.  But
this problem is really giving me the 'you know what'


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