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Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Re: Send formmail data to Email and Database

What a sweet way to greet someone on their first post! Nice to meet you too!

I''m not here to hold your hand or monitor for new group members - we're all busy in here.

Some lists want code off the bat and some do not! Now I know it's ok to post it without it being requested.

Fair point. Down to business :

I would attend to your HTML oddly enough, as the PHP doesn't ring any alarm bells : Check out your FORM elements, you have two (Don't know if this will post right to the list) :

 <form action="";

followed by

<form method="post" name="form1" action="<?php echo $editFormAction;

The first form tag outside the second will kill the form action you think you are getting, as it's invalid HTML : Many browsers will treat it in different ways and give unpredictable results. You need to dump DW for complex forms and head down into the code - leave DW to make light work of fidgetty table layouts. It will probably work again if you remove this. Else, try printing out a few key things like the SQL statement which is produced by the sprintf line.

Hope that helps, Cheers - Neil.

(PS Please do not post to this email address - all mail from hotmail addresses is filtered out - house policy, sorry !)

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