From: "Ruprecht Helms" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> how can I convert a date stored in a mysql-database for output
> in the german format (
> I tried date ("d.m.y",$row->from);
> but I still get the english-format stored in the database.
> The databasefield is type  date.

That's because date() wants a Unix timestamp. MySQL has it's own format.

You have two options. Option 1 is to use DATE_FORMAT() in your query to
retrieve the date already formated. DATE_FORMAT() works similar to the PHP
date() function. Look it up in Chapter 6 of the MySQL Manual.

Option 2 is to use UNIX_TIMESTAMP() in your query to retrieve the MySQL date
formatted as a Unix timestamp. You can then pass this value to the PHP
date() function and format it like you have above.

---John Holmes...

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