Oh, oh, oh.  All is clear now.  I did not realize you were talking about the
PHP on the page.  Thanks a lot for clarifying.

Now, anyone, how do you put the code in a config file?
I know how to use/configure the FormMail.conf file on my host/server.  But
to access the file I had to use FormMail.pl in my php code.
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This is PHP code and will be parsed by the webserver before being send
out to the browser.
All that is displayed in the browser is the non PHP stuff. So the email
address is in the source code of the php page but when you click 'view
source' in your browser you won't see it.


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Sorry, I don't understand.  I thought the code that you posted was what
in the HTML page; meaning I thought it was php code.
Where does the source code sit?

howard grämer
  New York City

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>To: "howard gramer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] Re: send email
>Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 23:24:43 +0100
>my example earlier does not show the email address in  the source of
>the displayed web page. It is in the source code, but you can change
>that to be put in a config file
>and include this file in the script.
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>Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Re: send email
>I am in the same boat,
>( I posted a couple of days ago Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Send formmail
>data to Email and Database ), not knowing where to put the Mail() into
>my own code. I am working on it but no success yet.
>But, my real question in this topic; with formmail.pl using Sendmail
>your able to use "recipients_alias = [EMAIL PROTECTED]" inside of the

>FormMail.conf file.  So this means you can hide the email address in
>the configuration file without it being seen in the page source.
>How do you accomplish the same with Mail()? i.e. hiding the email

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