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NG> Can somebody tell me what is wrong with the following?
NG> $body=eregi_replace("<a href=\"(.+)\"([^>]*)>(.+)</a>", "<a href=\"\\1\"
NG> target=\"_blank\" class=\"down_txt\"><strong>\\3</strong></a>", $body);

1) /.+/ is too greedy. You should use something like /[^"]+/ or /.+?/ instead
   (second is supported only in Perl-compatible regexps). The best solution
   could be /[^'"]+?/ however.
2) /<a / doesn't match "\n" after "a".

   $body = preg_replace(
       '#<[Aa]\s[^>]*?[Hh][Rr][Ee][Ff]\s*=\s*([\'"])([^\'">]+?)\1[^>]*?>' .
       '<A href="\2" target="_blank" class="down_txt">' .

   This regexp is not perfect, but I hope it has enough margin of safety, at
   least if your HTML code is more or less correct. E. g., all href values
   must be quoted and '<', '>', '"' and "'" without special meaning must be
   written as HTML entities.
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