Sure, you can try using the xmlhttp methods available in IE5+ or Mozilla / Netscape 7 (look up the docs on and You might try getting away with a smaller screen refresh, or using a hidden but self-refreshing iframe and some Javascript

Else, no, you're stuck with the yucky refresh.

However, be aware
1) This is a PHP mailing list not a javascript or XML mailing list and
2) PHP stops after it leaves the server, so anything you do here is client side and therefore not a PHP problem.

Cheers - Neil

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Subject: Dynamic Website Question!


I want to have a PHP website that feeds information
off a mysql database.  But generally changes occour
and instead of asking users to refresh the page to get
the updates is there a way to provide the updates
without them needing to refresh the page?

E.G. For like shooping Carts, Chat rooms, etc...

Is there a way in PHP or something to make updates
show up live as they happen instead of the yucky meta
refresh tag in HTML?

Thanks for your time in advance.


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