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> Here is the beginning of a big loop that loads a line at a time from an uploaded 
> textfile and then runs validation on each field:
> ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> //loop through the rows putting the fields into an array
> ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> while ($fieldarray = fgetcsv ($handle, $userfile_size, ",")) {
> The problem I am having is that when there is an empty line at the bottom of the txt 
> file, my validation tells me it is a bad line, and rejects the file. Is there anyway 
> of stopping the loop, or trimming the file of empty lines? Hope I've explained my 
> problem correctly.

According to the docs, "A blank line in a CSV file will be returned as an 
array comprising a single null field, and will not be treated as an 
error." So I imagine you need to apply your validation only where the 
array != a single null field.

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