Perhaps this is what you were referring to?

Then there is SQLite, I've seen several tutorials out there regarding using SQLite, and it will probably become quite popular after PHP 5+ becomes everyone's favorite version.

Or, one could retrieve data from a remote mysql/postgresql database as well.

Perhaps someone has used either/both of my first two suggestions? I'm rather curious about how easy PHP-TextDB API is to work with.

Best of luck,

BENARD Jean-philippe wrote:


        We use ORACLE DataBase for all our projects and we "can't install"
mysql/postgresql on our server. A new project needs a little database (only
1 table). I heard about something like an API in order to use text files in
place of real database system and that we could use SQL query to return
results. Does someone know this "tool" and could help us?

Many thanks in advance.

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