I know this is a bit off-topic but I find to get
faster answers from this Mailing List (generally
within a few minutes) than any other list.  I find it
quicker to post here and get an answer than trying to
even search it on the web.  And besides most of the
search results on the web are not what you want
exactly, least here can explain.  Anyways...

I am using IFRAMES to refresh a PHP page.  So it
refreshes PART of a page and not the ENTIRE page.

Now I just need to know 1 thing regarding browsers
people use.  I know with basic frames if refreshing
especially in IE you hear a clicking sound when the
page refreshes.  Does this apply with IFRAMES also?

Not sure if this occours in Netscape or AOL etc, but
found IE with basic frames have a sound but how about
IE and Netscape with IFRAME's?

Why am I asking?  Well I don't have sound on this PC,
and if it's going to make an annoying clicking noise I
need to find a way to solve it without the user
needing to edit anything on their pc... So if it does
click is there a way in PHP or javascript or something
to disable the click while viewing my site?

Now if it does not click, great.  Nothing needs to be

The refreshing occours every few seconds, so you could
imagine the clicking noises could be quite annoying.

Thanks in advance!



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