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> Hi php-db,
> I have a table with approx. 250,000 rows in it. The primary key is an
> ID field. All I am wondering is - is there any way at all from MySQL
> to directly select every 50th row in this table?
> I.e. row 1, 50, 100, 150, etc and return the ID of each row, ideally
> with some kind of limit. Even if it was only possible to select the
> IDs of two rows, i.e. row 1 and row 50, that would be good too.
> It's almost like I need a "step" function, like in a FOR NEXT
> statement, only SQL-side.

For a simplistic solution(?) assuming that your ID is integer and there 
are no gaps in the sequence, you could do a single select where ID mod 50 
is zero.

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