hi all,

i'm really buffled by what i got and would appreciate any help possible! although i 
addslashes and stripslashes, i still get a backslash ( \ ) character infront of a 
single inverted comma ( ' ) and also whenever an amberscend ( & ) appears... please 
help! thanx thanx..

for example:

in my form (form.php), i have something like that:

<input type="text" name="field1" value="<? if ($form["field1"]) echo 
stripslashes($form["field1"]); ?>">

upon submitting the form, the verification file (verify.php) will be executed, and it 
has lines like that:


      foreach($_POST as $varname => $value)
           $form[$varname] = addslashes(trim(EscapeShellCmd($value)));

... and then i'll check for the validity of field1. if there is an error, the user 
will be redirected back to form.php with the value that the user entered echoed with a 

if there is no error, the whole script runs well, but if the user has to be brought 
back to form.php, it'll print backslashes infront of characters like "(   )  '  &" 

also, instead of having a blank text field, i have a text field with contents 
retrieved from the database.. the database data does not have the slashes and when the 
first time they appear on the screen, there is no slashes attached too.. the problem 
is always when the user has an error and needs to be brought back to form.php that the 
slashes appear and the number of slashes doubles everytime the user has to be brought 
back to form.php.

i have my magic_quotes_gpc set to ON in my phpinfo() and my version of php is 4.1.2.

thank you soo soo much!!

look forward to your replies.


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