Hi Richard,

> I simply login to my server and issue a command like:

> mysqldump -hmysqlserverhost.com -utheusername -p dbname >

> It will then prompt me for my password and dump the database (dbname)
into dbname.sql

> -h = the sql host (often localhost)
> -u = a mysql account that has permissions to do this
> -p = prompt you to enter the password

> This file I then copy to another machine and do the reverse with
mysqlimport (same syntax, < instead of > at the end).

I am proposing to back up the database using the following command, using

>mysqldump -opt --allow-keywords -hSERVERADDRESS -uUSER -p DATABASE-NAME >

[from a post by Jon Benson on http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/mysqldump.html]

It worries me that --opt includes a add-drop-table command.  Since it is
creating a new file, how does this affect anything.  I just don't want to
delete anything.  Is it relevant on restoring only?

Do you think the above command is OK to try?  I'm allowing keywords as I
made the mistake of calling one of my fields 'key' and haven't changed it



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