> I  goto http://serverIP/phpmyadmin/index.php  - and it logs me
> inautomatically as localhost, i can see the database lists on the side panel
> etc.
> I click on a database or create a new database and the login screen comes
> up.
> I try entering the root password and username, but it just comes up with :
> #1045 - Access denied for user: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' (Using password: NO)
> and ive tried with a blank  password as well.
> I have the auth_type in config.inc.php (PhpMyAdmin) set to 'config' and the
> username and password for mysql is in their respective places.

Logging in as root with no password remotely is not good. Try making another
user logged in locally with user and password, then try that from remote.

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