Todd Cary wrote:

Glen Webber wrote:

Hi Todd,

I'm running interbase, php,...  on deb.
Happy to help if I can.
Whats the issue your dealing with?


Todd Cary wrote:

I am looking for someone that is running RH 9 Linux with Php & Interbase...


Glenn -

I greatly appreciate the offer to help. Linux is NOT my usual OS, but I do have 30 yrs experience (not to impress you, but just to let you know that I have a pretty good understanding of programming - at least Delphi ).

I just just installed Fedora and there appears to be a problem running rpm with rpm's created on other versions of Linux, so i may need to put RH 9 back on and wait. So, with that out of the way, here is where I get confused:

1) How to remove the pre-installed version of php with all of the dependencies.

rpm -qa | grep php
rpm -e <package name> listed in the previous command
2) Should I even do that?

if you need to compile php with interbase support, then yes, you should remove the old rpm packages. Although i would check to see if there are some pre-compiled rpms available that already have interbase support compiled in already.

3) If I configure the compile with "--with-interbase=/opt/interbase --with-apxs", what do I need to do to Apache so that it knows where to get the Interbase information, or do I need to do anything?

4) Though I have PHP and Interbase running on another Linux 9 box, I lost the paper that told me how to do it. That install used an file that someone gave me.

5) Hopefully, you have the patience to get me cleared up on what I need to do *and* this time I will put the notes in a safe place !!


-- Tyler Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Lyrical Communications

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