Only six of ten columns in a php table show up on the web. I've been using a standard format for many months now and the only difference here is that I'm drawing on more (seven) tables. Even more curious, running the "select" and "where" statements in mysql produces the full table. Also, clicking on "Sort" in a blank "Vote" column rearranges the visible vote columns which suggests sorting based on the invisible column. Worse (which I won't try to solve here), when I delete some "select" statements the table disappears.

The link and "select" statement are shown below (I won't copy the extensive "where" statement, but the table didn't appear when that was wrong).

Any ideas?


# query mysql to get data
$get_data_query = "select fullhouse2.Representative, fullhouse2.Party,
medicarerollcall669.State, medicarerollcall669.CD, hr2passage.passage, estatetaxrepeal.passage,,,,
from fullhouse2, medicarerollcall669, hr2passage, estatetaxrepeal, headstartvote444,
hudappropsvote453, energyrollcall630


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