thanks for your reply..

i'm doing a form (form.php)
1) user comes to form.php
2) user enters details and press submit
3) details get passed to form action verify.php
4) verify.php puts all the $_POST into an array $formVars
5) verify.php session_register("formVars")
6) if there is an error, verify.php sends user back to form.php
7) form.php echos all the $formVars (i.e. details that user has previously entered) in 
their respective textfields, together with the error messages

i need to stripslashes at Step7 because as you have mentioned in a previous post on 
this list, magic_quotes_gpc added slashes to all my $_POST. Thus, since I need to echo 
them, I need to stripslashes.. I tried echoing the $formVars without the stripslashes 
and I see all the slashes before the quotes and backslashes etc.. so, by right, with 
English characters, i still need to stripslashes.

please advice. thanx thanx!

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HH > i've read the following comment on and found it very troubling
HH > because my database has Shift_JIS japanese words and my forms allow
HH > japanese input as well, so, does anyone know how can I stripslashes
HH > correctly when it comes to Japanese text? thanx thanx!

JW > Normally you would not need to use stripslashes() anyway. What are you trying 
JW > to do?

HH > hash at samurai dot fm
HH > 01-Dec-2003 10:34
HH > Might I warn readers that they should be vary careful with the use of
HH > stripslashes on Japanese text. The shift_jis character set includes a
HH > number of two-byte code charcters that contain the hex-value 0x5c
HH > (backslash) which will get stripped by this function thus garbling those
HH > characters.

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