Okay I don't want any code here, well not yet, I am
just wondering if this is possible.  And:

- Is it secure/safe ?
- Will it use alot of resources ?
- Will it harm my system or create security holes ?
- Will it do anything bad ? :P
- Should I do it or should I not ? (if it is possible)

Okay I will try and make this as short as possible and
to the point.

I have a database which lists User Account
Information.  But the thing I want to point out here
is the email address that is stored.  Okay I get this
email address and use PHP mail() and send out emails. 
Now some people put bad emails in the database from
time to time or emails go over quota and what-not.  So
some bounce, now if it bounces it goes to my 'root'
email account for that account.  By doing this it is
using up valuable quota and just bogging the system
down sitting in there waiting for a human to delete
them out.  (It get's quite annoying having to go in
there and delete them daily, weekly, monthly or
whatever as they are rubbish emails anyways with
bounced emails.)

I just recently added a flag in the database so if the
email bounces I manully flag the account as a bad
email so in future emails won't be sent to that users
email unless they correct their email.  This is time

I use Horde for my mail client, it is web-based for
people who don't know what Horde is.

Now is it possible to do some code up to do the
following taks:

- Login to webmail using user and pass
- Open each email (each email is URL'd by a id code)
- Read the email but only fetch the email address of
the email that bounced (generally this is found on the
same line with most web mail servers responses)
- Use the email address to find a match in the User
Database and when a match is found flag the account as
a bad email
- Than delete the email from webmail

Very complicated I know.  Is this possible and is it
safe if it is? (i mean can anyone easily get the
information and user pass etc?)

Now what I would prefer to happen is the jobs ran in
the background without me needing to do it.. Maybe via
a cronjob or something.  But not sure if some code can
ge done up to do all these tasks as it needs to do
many tasks so probably will need to run as a
background processor?

But if it comes downt to crunch and it's safe etc and
I can do up some code that I just activate via a web
page and let it do it's thing I don't mind.  But not
sure if it is possible or if I am better to use perl
instead of PHP?  Any suggestions?

This project may never happen but I am hoping someone
has either tried this or has some idea of how to
achieve it or achieve part of it to make things easier
for me.

If you need further information please reply.  


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