On Friday 12 December 2003 10:24 am, Martin Marques wrote:
> > That is fine and all, but my original example was just an example of the
> > non functionality of pg_result_error(), not how to handle errors when a
> > query fails.
> > But for arguement sake, lets use your example in some dummy code[0].
> > $result is still boolean false, and pg_result_error() will still return
> > an empty string, and using die, would just die, with no report of what
> > happened. Then whats the use of pg_result_error().
> Looks like you are totally right. Tried it and it works horrible. Any idea
> on why this is like this?

Seems like Im not the only one who thought this function is useless...
So Im going to modify my code to not use this function, as it is really a 
total waste of time at the moment.
Thanks for the chat...

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