> I am looking to create a "comp-time" calculator of sorts using
> PHP/MySQL.  I am still in the learning process of how all of this
> works.  I want to be able to create a web interface where my employee
> can login and enter her comp-time as she works extra.  I also want to be
> able to have an admin side where I can subtract her comp-time as she
> takes it and keep a running total of her remaining time.  My question is
> - do you do the math in PHP or do you do it in MySQL.  I am new to this
> type of logic so any input would be helpful.  I am sure that there is a
> script like this that already exists but I want to try this one myself
> for the learning factor.
> thanks,
> DF
> -- 
You can do the maths with either, although I find PHP easier. 

The thing to bear in mind is that MySQL saves the data so you can call it up 
again in other queries. Data in PHP, on the other hand, is gone as soon as 
you leave the page or end the session. So, it is important to design a 
programme that leaves the data you want to save in MySQL. 

With that in mind, it is normally easy to see where the maths should be done.  

Good luck,

Jeffrey Baumgartner

more fun than a visit to the dentist (almost)

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