Hi ,

Does anyone know what could be the reason for an 'request synchronization
error' ?
It occurs after calling ibase_fetch_assoc(). The same thing going on with
ibase_fetch_object() and ibase_fetch_row(). The resultset is being delivered
correctly by ibase_query(). The SQL-String (SELECT) returns the one row i've
expected when executing it inside IBConsole.
I've written a class containing all database functions, e.g.
Now, the strange thing about this is: 
-Calling the ibase functions directly works fine and returns the expected
row ( same as IBConsole).
-Calling the ibase functions from another script, that includes my database
functions(class), results in the error mentioned above.

$database=new database;
$database->db_query($sql);  // equals ibase_query($sql)

$databaserow=$database->db_fetchassoc();     <- At this line I get the error


And this is how the function inside the class looks like :

function db_fetchassoc()
  // ibase_fetch_row() or
  // ibase_fetch_object() or
  return $resultset;

Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?
Please help me !!!!!!!!!
P.S.: Let me know if further information is needed.


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