I've just downloaded php 5.0.0b2 for Windows..

I've already configured Apache 2.0.47 which is also running on Windows to run php 5.

I also tested installing PHP as a module and as a CGI binary for Apache..All works fine..

Now I want to run my scripts which accesses a postgreSQL database..

I uncomment the line "extension=php_pgsql.dll" in php.ini and restarted Apache

and I got this error that the file php_pgsql.dll cannot be found.

I check my installation folder for php and looked in the extensions folder and

I was shocked to find out that there's no php_pgsql.dll!!!

Why is this so?? I know that PHP 5 is still in beta state but beta1 release of PHP5 has a

php_pgsql.dll included in the extensions folder..

Marie Gezeala M. Bacuņo II
Information Systems Department
Muramoto Audio-Visual Phils., Inc. (MAPLE)

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