Good afternoon!

        I am writing a project and have a speed concern...

        The code I am using is thus and is retrieving around 2,500 records:

        $result = mysql_query($sql)
        while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
                build <OPTION> stmt

        Is there a faster method? Timed this with microtime and .9 seconds to
retrieve the data and output the web page seems REAL slow. Now this is on a
T-Base-100 network but I imagine it would be like watching paint dry in a
56K modem. Any thoughts, ideas on accelerating this? I did try ob_start()
and ob_end_flush() and no help...

Thank for any help in advance.

Robin 'Sparky' Kopetzky
Black Mesa Computers/Internet Service
Grants, NM 87020

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