On 12/19/2003 09:54 AM, David T-G wrote:
OK, so on to the script.  Just as PHP has classes, perl has modules which
implement object code.  Just as PHP has PEAR (I think; I'm still getting
to know it), perl has CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.  One
advantage of perl's maturity is an almost ridiculously vast wealth of
contributed modules; if you want to do it, someone has almost certainly
already written a module for it.  [This is already on the way for PHP
and PEAR; in just a few years I, too, predict that PHP will be hugely
popular.]  The one used here is Mail::DeliveryStatus::BounceParser.

This solution has two significant limitations:

1) Many bounces will not be returned as delivery status messages

2) Many users may be register with e-mail addresses which are just forwarding addresses, so the address returned by the report specifies the final address and not the actual address of subscription.

A more useful solution is one based on setting the return path address of the message being sent in such a way that you can retrieve the original recipient address from the bounced message recipient address.

This has just been discussed here:



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