You haven't specified the operating environment of the PDA (WinCE ? Linux ? ....) or what it supports. Certainly I wouldn't bother setting up a *server* environment on a PDA !

Without any specific examples of the technology / techniques you are trying to expose though, its difficult to advise : What are you currently viewing the results in ?

IMO You would be be better setting up a web service, and shovelling the recordsets up and down with XML. That way you can rely on the client to transform some data, while your server side has less work to do to verify data integrity.

Hope that helps - Neil.

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Subject: Dilemma (PDA based solution??)

OK folks,

I've been working on a quote system for a while and now the boss has
added a new twist.

He wants to be able to hook a PDA up to it, push a single button, and
the system transmit and receive data including:
New prices, customers, data, etc...

I figure I am going to have to run some MySQL, PHP, Apache on the PDA
itself so that all the information can be local, but I was wondering if
anyone has had to do this or maybe had some pointers?


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