Hi Kirt,

Your tables look ok to me... As for your question, if I were using your
example, I would link the field teams.name to players.team_name. For
example, I would set another column in the teams table to be auto
incrementing. As you add the team information, the team will get a number
automatically. Then when you add the players information you can use the
value ID from the teams table as the value you enter in the
players.team_name column. I do this with an html form that has a drop down
list that is generated by pulling the team name and ID from the teams table.
Something like this:

$sql_teams = mysql_query("SELECT ID, name FROM teams ORDER BY name");

Then I create a drop down list in my html form like this:

<select name="team">
<?  // Creates the list of teams from the teams Table

  while ($LST = mysql_fetch_array($sql_teams)) {
    $TeamID = $LST["ID"];
    $team_name = htmlspecialchars($LST["Name"]);
    echo("<option value='$TeamID'>$team_name</option>\n"); 

Hope I did not gunk up your question with an answer you did not need...

Anyway, hope this helps...


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Subject: [PHP-DB] table structure question

Hi everyone,

I would like to set up the following two tables inside a db for a soccer
league, but wanted to run their structure by you guys first.  Here it is:

dbname: soccer_stats
tables: teams, players

name | captain | division | paid | pmnt_notes | win | loss | tie | goals_for
| goals_against

lname | fname | team_name | dob | address | telephone | email | sex | yellow
| red | disc_notes | goals_scored | own goals

I've never split the info over multiple tables, but this way made sense to
me for some reason.  I've been thinking, and if, for example, I want to
(using mysql) pull the captain of a specific player, how would I do that?
Is this a good table design in the first place?  Comments and criticisms are
welcome!  Thanks - Kirk

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