Just wanted to let you know that your advice worked like a charm! Thanks so much!


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Subject: Categories and Items query


$query = "SELECT category, feature_description FROM features as f, feature_categories as fc WHERE f.feature_category_id=fc.feature_category_id AND f.featureset_id = '1' OR f.featureset_id = '3' ORDER BY f.feature_category_id ASC";


So, I actually have two questions:
1) Does anyone know why my query is misbehaving so badly?

I think it's because you need to put the OR statements in brackets, which will then return results with

.... AND (f.featureset_id = '1' OR f.featureset_id = '3' )

Where you are getting results more like ... AND f.featureset_id = '1' then *also asking* for additional results matching "f.featureset_id = '3' "

Do you see the difference in the way the SQL interprets your query ? Its quite subtle.

Anyway usually to avoid confusion in cases like this I would use the IN construct, its less verbose and you can construct an IN list by using PHP's join(",",featureset) function

.... AND f.featureset_id IN ( '1','3' )

Hope that helps.

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