El Mié 31 Dic 2003 16:25, escribió:
> He surelly has problems with his DB server.
> Does the script die? I am outputting mysql_error() nothing is showing up.
> Hows the mysql logs? I don't know where these are.
> is there some kind of high load on the DB server? I am the only one on it 
right now.

Please try to reply in a way that I can see what part of the message is from 
whom, and reply to the list also.

1) You defenetly need to read the Manuals of your database (MySQL in this 
case), and try to get help from a MySQL user-list.[1]
2) The load has nothing to do with who is or not on the server. If the MySQL 
server is on linux, put "top" on a shell from that server and see if any 
MySQL child loads up. You may have a lock or something that prevents the 
update from finishing.

[1] I am a PostgreSQL user and in the PG lists there has been lots of 
disscution about how good the tutorials are for the newbies. I personally 
think that the big problem with newbies is that they just don't read.

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