If (in MySQL) I have to select 'playerID' from the table soccer.players
based on lname='smith', fname='john', and dob='1988-12-02' and THEN update
soccer.teams 'coachID' equal to the result of the select statement, can I do
it all in one query?

Or must I let my PHP script execute a select, grab the result, and then run
the update statement?

The scenario is this: I've just created the player record in soccer.players
(it's an adult league, so a player could also be the coach) and need to grab
that playerID to insert into the coachID section of  soccer.teams.

Here's the definitions for my tables if it would help you follow my question
(with thanks to Micah for the structural assistance):
Table comments : league division names with identifier

      Field Type Null Default
      divisionID   int(11) No
      division_name   varchar(15) No

Table comments : player registration and statistical info

      Field Type Null Default
      playerID   int(11) No
      lname   varchar(20) No
      fname   varchar(20) No
      teamID   int(11) No  0
      dob   date No  0000-00-00
      address   varchar(40) No
      telephone   int(9) No  2147483647
      email   varchar(40) No
      sex   enum('m', 'f') No  m
      yellow   int(2) No  0
      red   int(2) No  0
      disc_notes   text Yes  NULL
      goals_scored   int(2) No  0
      own_goals   int(2) No  0

Table comments : Team registration and statistical info

      Field Type Null Default
      teamID   int(11) No
      team_name   varchar(20) No
      pwd   varchar(7) No
      coachID   int(11) No  0
      divisionID   int(11) No  0
      paid   enum('y', 'n') No  n
      pmnt_notes   text Yes  NULL
      win   int(2) No  0
      loss   int(2) No  0
      tie   int(2) No  0
      goals_for   int(2) No  0
      goals_against   int(2) No  0

Thanks for your help!


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