HI there everyone,

Is it possible to use PHP to check an email on the
same server?  I have 
a system setup for my newsletters which I want to
expand, and basically 
when mails bounce back to a certain email address on
the server as 
failed it would then read the email and remove the
address from the MySQL 
database, is this possible?

Any help would be really appreciated, as right now I
have to collect 
all the failed emails from the server, then go through
them one at a time 
and remove them, not very effecient :-(

BTW the server is Redhat.



Hi Chris,

This topic was only RECENTLY discussed since I was
requesting it.  I suggest you take a look at the
php-db mailing list archives.

But I'll cut you some slack here, I'll be happy to
send you the code I have for handling bounced emails. 
It still requires manual input since the author of the
original script won't budge and give me an answer. :P

So a) you use a script that another person wrote b)
you use a simple bit of script I added to handle

Both of which use only a few pages.  And of course you
can ADD to it, make it do the queries faster etc at
your own will.  I'll send you the basic one I first
started off with as it's a good tool to learn with.

So if you want it let me know, I'll send it to your
personal address. (not the board)

However a few people maybe able to do a better job
than I can here, I'll just send the code..  Someone
here might be more than willing to explain it from
scratch to you.  :)


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