At 08:03 04/01/2004 +0000, JeRRy wrote:

$matcharray=array("Brisbane Lions v Collingwood at
Gabba (night)");

This will only work for that game matching the names
right?  I'd like to run some query or maybe 2 or 3 MAX

Wrong. I guess you didn't read the code, the comments, or the chapter on about regular expression matches. Please try again as stated, **splitting your input text file into a series of array elements** using the functions provided by PHP, and try to understand what the code sample is doing, so **you** can extend it to your target.

Cheers - Neil.

to get the entries on the DB.  That would mean I'd
have to edit the array on each game?  Is it possible
to look for ALL instances of 'v' and grab the names

What do you think the line starting 'preg_match' does ? Go look this up in the manual as I requested you do.

before and after it?  This is complicated.  I could be
wrong here but your example above I'd have to change
the array each time to get each game?

Thats what I said. Here's another pointer : go read up on the file() function in PHP manual.
Sorry to sound so terse, but I'm trying to help you, not do it for you. Else, how would you learn ?

Cheers - Neil.

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