Hi Neil,

Could you please send me the code again please?  Seems
like my email client did a wibble last night and lost
all my emails. :(

Sorry about that.


Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 15:10:04 +0000 
From: "Neil Smth" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
Subject: Re: Subject: grabbing text from a webpage and
putting it in a query.  

At 08:03 04/01/2004 +0000, JeRRy wrote:

>$matcharray=array("Brisbane Lions v Collingwood at
>Gabba (night)");
>This will only work for that game matching the names
>right?  I'd like to run some query or maybe 2 or 3

Wrong. I guess you didn't read the code, the comments,
or the chapter 
php.net about regular expression matches. Please try
again as stated, 
**splitting your input text file into a series of
array elements** 
the functions provided by PHP, and try to understand
what the code 
is doing, so **you** can extend it to  your target.

Cheers - Neil.

>to get the entries on the DB.  That would mean I'd
>have to edit the array on each game?  Is it possible
>to look for ALL instances of 'v' and grab the names

What do you think the line starting 'preg_match' does
? Go look this up 
the manual as I requested you do.

>before and after it?  This is complicated.  I could
>wrong here but your example above I'd have to change
>the array each time to get each game?

Thats what I said. Here's another pointer : go read up
on the file() 
function in PHP manual.
Sorry to sound so terse, but I'm trying to help you,
not do it for you. 
Else, how would you learn ?

Cheers - Neil.

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