I'm sorry, I feel dense coming to the list for this, because I'm 
SURE I've read about this in the PHP or Mysql docs, but I can't seem 
to locate where.

Let's say users submit a form which is processed by a PHP page which 
performs a number of MySQL INSERT, UPDATE, and/or DELETE commands.

What happens if the user hits "Stop" or "Refresh" in their browser 
before the transaction is complete - is there a possibility that 
only some of the MySQL commands will complete?   Not a problem if 
the services are all running well, but I'm thinking if things are 
getting thrashed on the server for whatever reason, it might take 
several seconds to complete the various SQL commands, also increasing 
the likelihood of the user getting bored enough to start playing 
"bull in a browser shop".

And since MySQL has no rollback feature that I'm aware of, how would 
you best handle this dangerous potentiality?  Suggestions?  A humble 
request:  Responses which begin with: "Don't use MySQL", please include 
a good affordable alternative?


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