Hi Everybody,

Please help me in this,
I have a search page, when people search they keywords and the result is 50
rows from mysql , how to display them page by page which each page contain
20 results , thanks in advance :

str_replace(' ','%',$searchwords);

$query="select * from table where colom like '%$searchwords%'  order by id
desc ";

if (mysql_num_rows($hasil) > 0 ) {
echo ("<b>Found :</b> $searchwords <br><br>");

//page display
I have tried my own recipe but didn't work....

while ($data=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
echo ("

    <td width=\"330px\"><font size =\"3\"><br>$data[colom1]<br><br></td>
    <td width=\"50px\"><p align =\"center\"><font size
    <td width=\"50px\"><p align =\"center\"><font size

Best Regards,
Hadi Tjen

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