On 07 January 2004 15:12, Duane Barnes contributed these pearls of wisdom:

> I'm having a problem with a standard html form.  I'm using a
> php function to
> populate a drop down menu on a standard form.  I want the
> contents of the
> submitted form to insert into a mysql table. All of the
> variables are inserted correctly except for the data from the
> drop down 
> menu.  For some
> reason it will only insert the first word in the variable.
> It cuts off
> everything after the frist word.

This sounds like an unquoted multi-word attribute problem.


> function build_dropdown() {
>     $sql = "select category from categories ORDER BY category";
>     $result = mysql_query($sql) or DIE(mysql_error()." -
> ".mysql_errno()); 
>     while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {   
>         extract($row); $output .= "<option
>     value=$category>$category</option>";

Yup, here it is -- quote the argument to the value= attribute, and everything should 
be hunky dorey.



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