thx for your feedback! just wondered about the sql-documentation saying that
the file must be readable t all users. (at least session-files are only
read/write-able to the php-user. so i was uncertain.. imho your solution is
much nicer for saving the file in the db (allthough it may be a bad idea).

you're right ;) sometimes arguing can get anoying (e.g. which distribution
of linux is best and so on...)

greets ma

# life would be easier if i knew the source code...

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> Datum: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 21:52:23 -0500
> Betreff: Re: [PHP-DB] MySQL Insert via SQL?
> ma wrote:
>> just a question: don't know it exactly: isn't it possible that the sql-user
>> on the server may not have enough rights to read the file?
> Yeah, could be. The uploaded file is already somewhere that PHP can
> write to, though, so it's more than likely available for reading by any
> other user.
>> anyway, i would save the file elsewhere on the server, because there are
>> remarkable performance-issues with big data (tried it once with storing
>> images for a photo-gallery). it is much faster saving the file in some
>> directory and just save the path to the file in the db; which on the other
>> hand, can lead to synchronisation-problems. what do you think about this
>> topic?
> I agree entirely. I wouldn't put the file in the database either. I gave
> up on arguing that though since people seem so determined to do it. :)
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